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Natural wonders

Explore peaceful lakes and booming waterfalls, deep gorges and silent pools, timid animals and luxurious alpine flowers, impressive creations of nature and majestic natural phenomena.

Triglav National Park covers 60% of Bohinj. Crystal clear waters, diverse landscape and exceptional flora and fauna speak for themselves. Lake Bohinj is the largest natural lake in Slovenia. Nested in the heart of the Julian Alps, this perfectly placed gem is well worth visiting and offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities.

The European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) recognised Bohinj as a destination where economic growth aims to ensure social, cultural and environmental sustainability. In spring, the valley abounds in waters. Due to snow melting in the high mountains, the narrow riverbeds, gorges and waterfalls are in full flow and therefore even more appealing. Summer energy invites you to join alpine dairy farmers in the pastures, in the shade of trees, in the fresh embrace of waters. In autumn, the trees take on stunning shades of gold and brown, while winters are a fairytale to experience and remember. 


  • Bohinj lake (6 km from Hotel)
  • Savica Waterfall (11 km from Hotel)
  • Govic Waterfall and cave (9 km from Hotel)
  • The source of Bistrica river (2 km from Hotel)
  • The valley of the Triglav Lakes (14 km from Hotel)


  • Bled lake (20 km from Hotel)
  • Mostnica Gorge (8 km from Hotel)
  • The Sava Bohinjka river (0,5 km from Hotel)
  • Vogel mountain and Ski center, 1553m high (11 km from Hotel)
  • Numerous Viewpoints and Summits (1-5 km from Hotel)

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