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Love your body!


Feeling stressed and in lack of inner balance? Get a massage! Massages do more that just relax your body- it calms your mind and reduces stress hormones. It keeps your body and immune system vital. Massages have important benefits that reflect in lower back pain, less frequent headaches, relaxed muscles, toned skin and better posture!

We use proffesional cosmetic line Aroma Herbal.

In our wellness center you can also get some face and body treatments like beauty facials, depilation, pedicure etc. We use products of Aroma Herbal professional line.


Pedicure is cosmetic treatment of feet and toenails. It regenerates your body, moists your skin and prevents the cells from accumulating and causing bunions or corns, which can be uncomfortable and painful. Pedicure includes foot soak in salt bath, thickened skin removal, nail care, cuticle trimming and a massage.

Looking for something more intimate? Visit our Exclussive Wellness in Aquapark's neighbor Bohinj ECO Hotel.

Wellness Pricelist


Service 20 minutes 30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes 75 minutes 90 minutes

Classic body massage

The Swedish or Classic body massage is the most common and best-known type of massage. You can choose between body or partial massage. Therapists utilize this type of massage to stimulate circulation, flush the circulatory system, release tight muscles, restore range of motion, and to relieve pain.

/ / 45,00 € 60,00 € 70,00 € /

Therapeutic massage

This 45 or 60 minute massage is perfect for easing back pain. A firmer technique helps to stretch and stabilize muscles. Recommended for reducing stress, anxiety and musce tension. You can choose between body or partial therapeutic massage.

/ / 50,00 € 65,00 € 75,00 € /

Relaxing massage

The relaxing massage is gentle and peaceful, its movements are slow and follow the lines of the body. Massage relaxes your body and frees it from all the unnecessary tensions caused by daily stress. This massage with oil guarantees total relaxation and tones the skin.

/ / 43,00 € 58,00 € 68,00 € /

Bohinj massage with herbal pouches

For this massage we use herbal pouches collected in Bohinj. The herbs are heated and infused in the warm oil of herbs, picked in the Bohinj meadows. Pleasant smell of herbs will calm you and provide a pleasant relaxation. You can choose between whole body massage and back massage.

/ / / 65,00 € 80,00 € /
Bohinj back massage with herbal pouches / 35,00 € / / / /

Terapeuthic back massage

/ 30,00 € / / / /

Partial masagge

A relaxing massage of a body part of your choice.

22,00 € / / / / /
Foot massage 22,00 € / / / / /

Antistress massage

Shea butter mixed with the essential oil of lavender, bergamot, orange and marjoram relaxes and perfumes the body. Essential oils have a beneficial effect on the skin and the state of mind. Antistress massage is suitable for all skin types, especially for dry and irritated skin. After treatment your skin will be smooth and shiny.

/ / 50,00 / / /

Massage with warm essential oils

For all those who wish to relax, calm down and enjoy an enchanting aromatic massage.

/ / / 65,00 € / /

Chocolate massage

This treatment includes a peeling, a chocolate wrap and a chocolate cream massage. Chocolate stimulates the secretion of endorphins and lifts up your mood. The treatment has a relaxing and anti-stress effect. It gives youth and softness to the skin.

/ / / 60,00 € / /
Hot chocolate massage / / / / 60,00 € /

Face treatments

Service Price

Beauty facial- 60 minutes

For this beauty treatment we use silky and creamy products with an immediate effect of comfort and softness. The treatment is indicated for all those who want to moisturize the skin, prevent and eliminate the first signs of aging. Collagen, elastin, extracts of flowers and almonds, soy and curative oils make the skin smoother, more hydrated and protected.
40,00 €

Facial deep cleansing - 90 minutes

This ideal treatment for sensitive skin includes purifying facial care, peeling, massage and shaping of the eyebrows. The chamomile extract, the moisturizing formula and collagen have a soothing, moisturizing and protective effect. After treatment your skin will be hydrated and protected from external factors.

55,00 €
Face massage and peeling - 30 minutes 25,00 €
Eyebrow shaping 8,00 €
Eyebrow shaping and coloring 10,00 €
Eyelash coloring 7,00 €
Eyelash and eyebrow shaping and coloring 12,00 €

Body treatments

Service Price
Anti-celulite treatment - 60 minutes 60,00 €

Full body peeling - 20 minutes

The body peeling eliminates and exfoliates dead skin cells. It gives softness to the skin and allows the body to breathe. The peeling of the body is of great benefit especially at the end of the summer, when the skin is tired of the sun, and in winter when the skin is always covered.
20,00 €

Feet treatment

Service Price

Pedicure - 60 minutes

The pedicure is a treatment of the legs and feet. Treatment nourishes the tissues and stimulates circulation. The treatment includes regenerating foot bath with salt, hard skin removal, nail care (modeling, cuticle removal) and feet, massage.

30,00 €
Pedicure with polishing - 75 minutes 37,00 €
Partial pedicure - 30 minutes 17,00 €
Nail polish- 20 minutes 10,00 €

Hair removal 

Service Price
Half leg depilation 15,00 €
Full leg and bikini depilation 25,00 €
Bikini or underarm depilation 10,00 €
Full leg and brasilian depilation 35,00 €
Brasilian depilation 20,00 €
Arm depilation 14,00 €
Back or chest depilation 20,00 €
Half leg and bikini depilation 18,00 €

Special offer

for 2 Price
Royal relaxation - 180 minutes
(full body peeling, steam sauna, classic body massage)
120,00 €
Perfect pampering - 60 minutes
(full body peeling and classic body massage)
100,00 €
Sweet harmony - 70 minutes
(hot chocolate massage)
100,00 €
Active day - 210 minutes
(3h swimming pool and 30-minute massage)
66,00 €

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