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For body and soul!

In Aquapark & Wellness Bohinj you can relax in 4 different types of saunas- Finnish, bio-Finnish, steam or IR saunas available to guests 16+

  • sauna park in 1st floor
    for those who want combine swimming with sauna relaxation
  • sauna park in the basement
    sauna area that is not directy connected to swimming pools

There is also one steam sauna in the part of wellness center for private parties.

Sauna Types in Aquapark & Wellness Bohinj

  Finnish sauna Steam sauna IR sauna Bio-Finnish sauna
Sauna park on the 1st floor 2 1 1 /
Sauna park in the basement 1 1 2 1
Wellness Center / 1 / /

All sauna areas cooling pool and showers are available. Sauna park on the 1st floor is suitable also for Kneipping.

Something about saunas ...

FINNISH SAUNA - air temperature is approximately 85oC with 20% humidity. Finnish sauna is one of the most known sauna types with high temperatures and low relative humidity. Because of the high temperatures we recommend three 15-minute sauna intervals.

STEAM SAUNA - air temperature is approximately 45oC with 100% humidity. High relative humidity and the scents of essential oils will take you away from daily stress and will benefit positively on your respiratory system. Steam opens the skin pores and like so helps to cleanse the body in natural way!

BIO - FINNISH SAUNA - air temperature with approximately 65oC and 40% humidity makes calm atmosphere which positively effects bloodstream.

IR SAUNA - air temperatures are between 50oC and 60oC. Infrared sauna provides our body with a deeper therapy, and therefore maximizes the toxins secretion and weightloss. Infrared sauna has therapeutic effect on rheumatism, artritis, joit sprains, muscle injuries or sprains, back pain and skin diseases.

Saunas have always been a part of the human history. The Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Roman have used steam baths for religious cleansing. Main elements of sauning were fire, heated rocks, air and water. 

The main purpose of saunas is increasing body temperature and sweating which triggers several physiological changes. The heavy perspiration caused by sauna use promotes blood flow and circulation, cleanses the skin, improves cardiovascular performance, relieves stress and it can also induce a deeper sleep.

How to sauna properly?

First of all, disrobe. Release your body of jewlery and hop under the shower and wash your body and hair beforehand so that no product sweats down into your eyes and your pores are free to do their thing. When you have dried up your skin, you can enter the sauna. For begginers and elderly we recommend to sauna from 8 to 12 minutes on the lowest bench. Higher benches are warmer and are therefore recommended for those who use saunas regularly. Even on the lower bench, we do not recommend to sauna for more than 15 minutes. Nevertheles, make sure you feel comfy- sit or lay down. If you prefer laying down, make sure you sit for the last 2 minutes before you exit the sauna- that way you will avoid sudden drop of the blood pressure. When you leave the heat, you should feel that warmth throughout your body, your heart pounding like you just sprinted a mile and have sweat pouring out of your skin. Now, you need to cool down to get that excess heat out of your body. You can cool down by taking a cool-to-warm shower, going for a dip in the pool or even wrapping yourself in a blanket, towel or robe and letting the heat slowly come out of you. Repeat this procedure up to 3 times and make sure that in between you drink enough water.

Who can use sauna?

Or better- who should not: we highly advise that people with high or low blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, tuberculosis, epilepsy, cancer, infections, blood anemia, thrombosis, edema, flu and vein inflammation do not sauna.

Check opening times before booking or buying online.

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