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Pool regulation

Pool regulation

(Extract from the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 88, September 11, 2003)

Instructions to guarantee order and security

  • Entry to people who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or psychotropic substances, is not permitted.
  • Persons who frequent the swimming pool must read this regulation, the signs, instructions and warnings of life guards.
  • Children under the age of 7 are admitted only if accompanied by parents or guardians, responsible for the safety of children in the pool.
  • Bathing is allowed only in areas intended for bathing.
  • Facilities and equipment in the pool area may not be used if the use contradicts the use for which they are intended or endangers others or ourselves.
  • Swimming pools and other facilities must be used according to their capacity.
  • Elderly people and people with reduced mobility who need help getting in and out of the pool should ask the lifeguard for assistance.

Rules for the protection of health

  • It is mandatory to take a shower and disinfect the feet before entering the pool.
  • Children under 3 must wear a bathing suit or diapers.

Regulations for the use of facility and equipment

Access to the area for bathing can only take place with a normal swimsuit. The use of slippers is optional.

Visitors to the Bohinj water park must abide by strict adherence to rules and strategically placed graphic signage.
Use of the facilities and equipment is at your own risk.

Minors visitors

Children may use the facility only if accompanied by a parent or adult responsible for the safety and hygiene of the child.
For reasons of hygiene, entry with wheelchairs is forbidden. Baby carriages are at your disposal. The use of baby carriages is free.

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