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Facial care

Facial care

Genetic system of the cell cannot be changed - both a person and skin are getting older through time. This fact cannot be prevented, but it can be successfully suppressed. Youthful look can be preserved with healthy way of life - a lot of exercise on fresh air is recommended, healthy nutrition, enough sleep and relaxation, stressless life, no alcohol and no smoking as well as proper use of body care and cosmetics.

With professional cosmetics we will revive your skin and its natural protection. The skin after beauty treatment is smooth, rich in moisture and has a healthy and fresh glow. You can choose from variety of facial cares, which will suit your skin type. You can choose the treatment by yourself or you can consult with our cosmetician.

The process of cleaning depends on the skin type. With cleaning we remove dead skin cells, dust, filth and make-up. Only then we can start with selected treatment. Cleansing milk is applied to the whole face and neck and then removed with moist cotton pads and refreshed with tonic. After the skin is cleaned we can start with the treatment. The treatment starts with deep cleansing and face massage which stimulates blood circulation. For face massage we use special facial cream which has very pleasant effect. After massage, we apply mask (depending on the skin type) which softens and nourishes the skin.

  • Moisturizing care

    • Moisturizing care of face, neck and decoletage. Silky, smooth texture with immediate effects on the skin.
    • Basic and moisturizing care, removing the first signs of wrinkles. Collagen, soy grains, almond oil.
    • Duration: 60 min.
  • Sensitive skin care

    • For dry, sensitive, reddish skin. Peeling, massage, mask.
    • Cammomille and collagen leave your skin moist, soft and nurtured. Includes eyebrow shaping.
    • Duration: 90 min.
  • Mature skin care

    • Skin care for mature skin concentrates on nourishment and wrinkles.
    • Using antioxidants and collagen for peeling, deep cleansing, massage, mask and eyebrow shaping.
    • Duration: 60 min.        
  • Problematic skin care

    • Intended for skin with acne-problems.
    • Exclusive complex of tioxilon, burr, hops and tea plant harmonizes the skin. It protects the outer and inner layers while reducing irritation.
    • Duration: 90 min.

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