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Infrared sauna

Infrared sauna is a form of energy, which heats up things directly (without heating the air that is in between) in a process called conversion. Infrared segment of electro magnetic spectrum is, regarding the length of the waves, divided into three parts and is under (or "infra") red light as the closest energy spectrum. Wave lengths of this light span from 0,076 to 1000 micronos (1 micron is 1/1.000.000 m).

This light spectrum is not visible to human eye, but can be recorded with special cameras, which turn the infrared light into colors that human eye can see. Humans detect infrared light as heat.

How infrared sauna works

Infrared heaters produce warmth, which penetrates 4 cm into body tissue. Wave length of radiation is adapted to body radiation which is why 93% of infrared beams penetrate into body. Finnish sauna effects on the body directly, through warm air. When using IR sauna only cca. 20% of energy is used for heating the air, the rest penetrates into the body. IR sauna is in this way more effective and results in penetrating deeper in the skin. The energy of IR sauna is up to 3 times more efficient than in Finnish sauna, as it operates at much lower temperature (50 - 60°C). The Finnish sauna operates at 80 to 100°C. That is also the reason IR saunas are nowadays more popular. IR sauna can be used at completely opened door or window, it can be used with clothes on as a part of warming up before excercising or if you just want or need to get warm.

The healing effects of infrared sauna

In the last 25 years Japanese and Chinese scientist have discovered and clinically tested many healing effects of IR radiation.

Because of passive cardiovascular condition effect, IR sauna is perfect for those people, who cannot normally move, e.g. people in the wheelchairs, or those who don't take enough time to exercise and to strengthen their cardiovascular system. Namely regular use of IR sauna raises similar stressful demands to this system as regular intense physical workout. IR beams heat 4 cm of body tisue, that includes inner organs. Body reacts to this with raised heart pulse and increased heart blood flow, because it wants to cool down. NASA scientists have discovered in the early 80s that radiation with IR beams is ideal method for keeping astronauts on long space flights in good cardiovascular condition.

Calories consumption and weight control

Scientists have discovered that for 1g of sweat 0,586 kcal is required. When using sauna an average person looses at least 500 g of sweat. That represents 300 kcal or as much as 5 to 8 km run. The loss of weight should be replaced with drinking liquid, but not the loss of calories. If you use sauna regularly, from 900 to 2400 kcal can be burned in 30 min or as much as a 9 to 15 km run.

Overview of positive effects of IR sauna

Loosing weight

When using IR sauna for 30 min, person burns 900 to 2400 cal. For comparison, person weighing 75 kg burns in 30 min of workout:

  • Rowing 800 cal
  • Cycling 300 cal
  • Swimming 400 cal
  • Golf 200cal
  • Running 400 cal
  • Walking 200 cal
  • Tennis 330 cal
  • Squash 680 cal
  • Chopping wood 330 cal
  • Marathon run 790 cal

Institutes for loosing weight are based on the fact that our body isn't storing only fat, but also toxic elements. IR sauna enables toxic elements, together with fat, to evaporate through the skin.


IR sauna accelerates blood circulation, which is the first condition for beautiful, younger and softer skin. The skin is cleansing deeply and that helps with treatment of acne, eczema, burns and other trauma done to the skin. Sore spots are healing quicker and nicer, rough skin falls away faster, flexibility of skin is increased.

Skin scars

With the use of IR sauna, scars become thinner and smoother; burns heal with less visible scars.


Cellulite is a jelly like mixture of fat, water and toxic elements under the skin. IR sauna speeds up the process of eliminating those elements by increased sweating. Beauty experts confirm, that sauna accelerates all anti-cellulite programs. With deep and higher level of warming, IR sauna is more effective than other saunas.

Relieving the pain

IR sauna has proven effect with relieving pain caused by arthritis, headaches, back pain, muscular cramps etc.


IR radiation helps with sprains, arthritis, muscular pains etc. It is especially convenient for people who do a lot of sports. It helps muscles to regenerate faster after strain.
Summary of Infrared Thermal System study by Dr. Aaron M. Flickstein

User guide, How to use the sauna

  • Before and after sauna drink regularly, mineral water is best. Fruits help to normalize the level of calcium. The loss of magnesium is substituted with green leaves salad.
  • Showering or bathing before using the sauna can increase the intensity of sweating.
  • Use at least two towels, one to sit on and the other to prevent dripping sweat between the legs. Use the third one for wiping sweat from your body.
  • At first signs of flue or cold use sauna for a couple of times. With that immune system is strengthened and virus multiplication restricted.


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