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Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna is a basic kind of sauna.

The room is heated by a stove, loaded with stones. The room temperature is approximately 80 to 100°C. Hot stones can be poured with as much water as the person who is using sauna likes. The water evaporates in a second, air humidity rises and gives the effect of greater hotness.

Hot air relaxes muscles and releases plenty of sweating, which cleans a person from the inside as well.

After a hot sauna, a short bath in cold water is very suiting. In cold winter time you can cool down on snow which is very attractive in our sauna park, because we have an open terrace.

Because of a large quantity of sweating, we recommend drinking a lot of liquid.


Opening hours

Aquapark Bohinj is open every day from 9 AM to 9 PM.

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