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Sauna park in Aquapark Bohinj is opened every day of the year from 9AM to 9PM.

Saunas are divided into two theme areas:

  • Sauna park on the 1st floor

Saunas meant for those who want to combine it with pampering in solarium, wellness or swimming in a pool.

  • Sauna park in basement floor

Area intended only for enjoying time in saunas, with no connection to the swimming pools.

For closed parties a special Turkish sauna is available in wellness complex.


Types of saunas in Aquapark Bohinj

  Finnish sauna Turkish sauna IR sauna Bio-finnish sauna
1st floor 2x 1x 1x /
Basement floor 1x 1x 2x 1x
Wellness / 1x / /


Savna park - Vodni Park Bohinj

When purchasing ticket for sauna and swimming pool only one entrance into sauna area is possible.

Cooling pools and tubs for Kneipping are available in both areas.

Finska savna v Vodnem Parku Bohinj

Sauna facts

People have been using saunas for sweating since the old days. Egyptians, Chinese, old Greeks and Romans have all enjoyed spending time in saunas. They all used the same elements: fire, rocks, air and water.

The main purpose of using sauna is to warm up the body, to sweat, to remove toxic elements from the body, to stimulate digestion, to clean skin, to strengthen immune system, to improve sleeping and mood as well as physical and mental relaxation.

Saunas include warming up, sweating, inhaling, washing and cooling down. In principle we use saunas without any clothes. Before entering into sauna, people should take a shower and wipe their bodies thoroughly. For beginners and elderly we recommend 8 - 12 min of sauna on lower bench. Those who are more used to saunas, can use the middle bench for 12 - 15 min. Sauna can be used in sitting or lying position. If you use the lying position, you have to sit for a minute or two before exiting the sauna. With this act you prevent rapid fall of blood pressure. Next thing is cooling down in the area (room for resting, terrace) with temperature from 18 to 20°C. Cooling down should take as much time as using the sauna. The last step is resting. That should take from 10 to 20 min. The whole process is to be repeated two or three times.

As well as sweat, lactic and uric acid are evaporating through the skin. The lost liquid needs to be replaced, so we recommend drinking a lot of beverage before and after using the sauna.

We recommend visiting sauna once or twice a week. Some believe, that there's nothing wrong with using sauna every day. The most important thing is that we feel good at it.

Everyone who doesn't have any serious medical problems can use sauna. We don't recommend sauna to those who have problems with blood circulation (too high or too low blood pressure), heart and vein problems, tuberculosis, epilepsy, cancer, acute infections or skin conditions, anaemia, thrombosis, edema, acute phlebitis, flu.

Enjoy and relax in our saunas.



Opening hours

Aquapark Bohinj is open every day from 9 AM to 9 PM. Outdoor swimming pools are open from 10 AM TO 7 PM.

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